May 28, 2024

Play from an early age: what is a good toy for toddlers?

A good toy is simple because it is up to the child to be active and inventive and not to the toy. The toys make more and more noise, so be careful not to over-stimulate the little ones by letting you settle a hubbub in the house, think to alternate with moments of calm games (it will do you good to you too !).

Review of the essentials of toddlers:

The rattle
This toy allows significant mental stimulation. The baby, at his touch, acquires notions of colors, visualizes shapes and feels textures. The rattle has two essential roles: to manipulate objects and stimulate intelligence, for example when the child hears a sound, he understands that he can act on the object.

The fluff
To attach to her stuffed animals does not come right away. But little by little the child will discover the fur, suck small labels, cuddling his blanket. One of the stuffed animals is often chosen to become the inseparable companion and can become a substitute for the mother, which reassures the child when she is away.

The first book
From 6 months, the little ones love to flip through the books, to touch them, to put them in their mouths. At this age, the little books in fabric that you can eat and make noise when you touch them, are a real treat for the child. The book accompanies the parents and the child to sleep and will quickly be part of the rituals. It's never too early to tell small stories, it develops vocabulary, imagination and visual comprehension

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