April 17, 2024

Preference, a classic feeling

If we willingly admit that we love each child in his own way, it is taboo to admit that we prefer a child to another. As if that feeling implicitly meant being bad parents! For Marcel Rufo, a child psychiatrist, "to have a preference is a standard, a classic and normal feeling, there is no reason to feel guilty". He adds that there are two categories of mothers. Those who believe that they love their children in the same way and refuse to see the truth and those who understand that they do not like their children in the same way. The second attitude is undoubtedly the healthiest to manage the siblings at best. And then, to prefer a child does not mean that the other is not loved! For some parents the preferences alternate according to the moments of the life, there again, to identify them is essential.

L'Oreal Cybill Shepherd Preference Commercial 1991 (April 2024)