April 17, 2024

Pregnancy: 4 tips to feel sexy pregnant

Shopping, when you hold us!
During the nine months of the pregnancy, your little can is at the center of all the attention. Your chest becomes generous and sensual. As a result, your clothes do not suit you anymore. Take advantage of this period to change your wardrobe. Exit mismatched underwear and faded! Sort through your closets and go shopping. Dare sexy lingerie, bet on timeless and always elegant black lace to seduce your man. Choose beautiful blouses or V-sweaters to highlight your cleavage. You prefer to insist on your pretty belly? A tight top is required. To summarize, during your pregnancy, be trendy and feminine.

Take care of yourself
To feel beautiful and good about yourself, pregnant, take care of yourself. Massage yourself every day with an oil to prevent stretch marks, heal your hair to showcase your beautiful mane. Moisturize your skin with a minimum SPF 15 cream. You will avoid the mask of pregnancy and keep a peachy complexion. As for makeup, we favor the nude trend and use a mineral powder for the complexion. In addition, also think of eating balanced. It is always harder to feel sexy when you are complexed by your weight. For nine months, watch your plate to proudly display your curves and not your extra pounds.

Avoid small inconveniences
If the pregnancy is a magical time, it can also turn into a nightmare. To feel beautiful and sexy, you must first be good about yourself. Avoid heavy and swollen legs by looking for freshness as soon as possible. Sleep high and practice a soft sport. Walking, swimming, water aerobics ... 30 minutes are enough to activate the circulation of blood and remedy this problem. To avoid nausea, and therefore the blurred complexion that goes with it, split up your meals or take some homeopathic pills. Water retention and cellulite formation will be reduced thanks to lymphatic drainages, wraps and other massages. Finally, do not forget to rest to have the shape.

Sexy: an attitude above all
Femininity is first and foremost an attitude. Stand up straight with your head up. Assume your shapes and your curves. Be proud and happy to give life. Your well-being and your femininity must be revealed in your approach. A woman is sexy when she assumes fullness. Also think of pampering your man, go out between lovers, privilege your life of couple. In lack of ideas? Invite him to see an exhibition, go to the restaurant, book a night in a bed and breakfast. In short, seduce him and reconnect with sensuality!

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