April 20, 2024

Problem of dark circles: my eyes grinds black

The causes

We are not all equal in the face of dark circles. Some will complain for life, while others have almost never heard of it. This is the hard law of nature, which we can still bypass and that's the good news! Do not rush, let's first see the origin of these brands.

The part under the eyes is the most fragile face because the finer, it is therefore much more sensitive to all external or internal variations. This fineness also has a transparency that suggests the very dense blood network. This is why some people may have a very purplish part below the eye but also in the inner corner. This natural cause is often hereditary and can be accentuated according to the color of the skin.

Another natural factor is age. The first markers of time have the annoying habit of being deposited on this fragile part. A lack of hydration and these are fine lines and dark circles insured. And for good reason when you know that the periphery of the eye is a place that is poor in sebum, so that dries up very easily: a real nest for wrinkles.

Fortunately, there are also other external elements responsible for dark circles, which are easier to remediate. At the top, we find, of course, the lack of sleep. Nights white or too short, stress too intense, and excess of exciting like coffee or tea to hold on: here is the trifecta to find a halo in the early morning.

And for us women, things can also get worse because of our hormonal fluctuations (pregnancy, menstrual period ...) which also affect our state of fatigue and our blood circulation ... If in addition, you abuse the sun, that you smoke and drink alcohol, you will have little chance to find a fresh and healthy complexion. Pleasure or beauty, it's up to you ...
The different forms of dark circles

Depending on the type of dark circles, you choose the appropriate treatment. Thus we distinguish:
- colored rings: the most frequent, they are purplish and often due to poor circulation.
- hollow rings: they are present when there is a reinforcement under the eye, they are hollowed out and are often accompanied by pockets.
The solutions


Before embarking on heavy treatments and more or less expensive, try to resume a healthy lifestyle that begins with a good night's sleep. Also restore a balanced diet, depleted in fats, sugars and processed products, which allows not to accumulate too much toxins. Replace tea and coffee with water to hydrate the body. And forget for good this damn cigarette that does not want you good!

Eye relaxation is also essential. So you will have breaks every hour for those who are in front of their computer all day. During these breaks, stretch, breathe deeply, and massage the arch by pressure points. Also create two minutes of darkness by lolling your hands around your eyes, the relaxation is immediate.

Another more surprising method: ocular gymnastics. For this, simply reproduce the action of the ophthalmologist, which is to approach a pen closest to the nose, maintaining a clear vision. It is rather advisable to do this exercise alone, your colleagues might not understand.
This is the most radical solution and is considered especially for those who have a problem of dark circles and sagging eyelids. This phenomenon causes a loss of suppleness of the skin and the fatty tissue will then stagnate on the lower eyelid. Responding to the barbarian name of blepharoplasty, the intervention consists in removing this surplus of misplaced fat.

In contrast, during the hamra technique, the surgeon will rather distribute more equitably this fatty tissue between the eye and the nose for more harmony. Either method is invasive anyway and requires a procedure of at least 1h30.
The hollow ring instead requires a bail out fat. In this case, the surgeon will either inject hyaluronic acid (which is absorbable), or proceed to a lipostructure by injecting fat (the result is then final).
Against dark circles, the cellsbooster sends a micro-current that will reinvigorate intercellular exchange. This energy would stimulate fibroblasts that increase the flow of collagen and elastin. A less invasive method but whose results are less spectacular.
The laser
In the field of aesthetics, the laser is a preferred method for its near-absence of side effects and satisfactory results. Thus for dark circles, the light rays will form simultaneous vibrations that will reinvigorate the blood flow.
Dark circles or not, you must absolutely pamper your eye contour. For this, once or twice a day, brush the contour of a specific serum or cream. The hydrated contour will be less exposed to wrinkles, swellings and also dark circles. The application requires an art: with your fingertips, tap the outline and then with your thumb and forefinger you press on top of the nose for 10 seconds. Finally you can also slightly pinch the top of your cheekbones, to have a more energized complexion.
Sera are usually below the cream of the day. You can also choose concealer + anti-puff + combo + anti wrinkle for optimal efficiency.
If despite all the precautions, you have the look still tired, then you have no other solution than to camouflage! As for the skincare application, the break of the anti-ring follows the same ritual of tapping. Be careful about the amount, because a surplus of poorly spread anti-ring could give the opposite effect and bring out the furrows. Apply the anti-ring rather after the foundation and aim well below the level of the lashes. To fix everything, lightly powder around the eye.
Home made remedies
- the flesh of a fresh and seeded cucumber that you apply on a cotton for a break of about 10 minutes
- two ice cubes wrapped in a glove to be placed on the eyes
- cottons soaked in blueberry water
- chilled tea bags

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