October 4, 2023

Professional forecasts of Libra for the year 2008

First trimester: It is especially Uranus that will make its impact felt during this period. This planet may cause changes in your job : change of schedules, organization, or even post. Do not worry: the evolution in progress will be totally beneficial. So, even if at first you are taken aback, keep confidence.

Second quarter: This period will be very important in the field of jobespecially if you are first decan. A promotion is possible. A change of position also. For some, things may be pretty bad at first. You will feel that you are the victim of an injustice. But very quickly, you will find a better position than the one you lost. At worst, you will be fired, but it will be to find very quickly a job much more interesting.

Third Quarter: With this aspect of Pluto, needless to say, you will be keen to improve your work situation. But it will probably not be very easy: the success will not fall to you all cooked in the beak! Far from discouraging you, the possible obstacles will reinforce your will and your fighting spirit. Your hard work will probably pay off, but on the condition that you do not fall into an unnecessarily aggressive behavior.

Fourth Quarter: The combined influences of Jupiter and Uranus will spark you into your job. Luck will be at your side, and an interesting proposal will come up. Even if this opportunity surprises you or seems to lead you in a direction you would not have thought of, look carefully before refusing. There is indeed a good chance that this will lead to a clear improvement in your professional status.

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