October 27, 2021

Reading for children: games to become familiar with the letters

The most obvious
Magnets with the letters of the alphabet stuck on the fridge.
Ex: The magnet-o-Letters from 2 years to 6 years "A, B, C, D, E, F, G ..." To learn the letters by singing.
The most complete
The puzzles representing the letters of the alphabet that are made and undone with an adult reading the letters. We can manipulate the letter, feel it, define its contours. We then use several senses: touch, hearing and sight.
Ex: Vilac Wooden Puzzle
The most offbeat
Small pasta in the shape of letters that are sorted by looking for an A then a B: Attention, the meal may last a long time!
The most mnemo-technical
Make him recognize the letters by giving him playful ways to do so. The A is like an Eiffel Tower, the S like a snake, the I like a stick ....
The most organized
Put all his books in a beautiful shelf and sort them by age. Without blinking if your child wants to re-read the same book only when he was one year old.
The most autonomous
If your child does not go to sleep at night, he can be offered to "read" a book alone by giving him a very simple that he knows by heart.
Most like the big ones
If you buy a magazine or newspaper, take one for your child. He will be very proud to "read" like you. You can also subscribe to a magazine. Each me little one will find his favorite heroes. Ex. Small apple.
The most musical
Make him listen to rhymes, playing with words and rhymes. Ex: The rhymes of the alphabet Nathalie Pautrat.
The most unusual
From kindergarten, you can reverse roles and ask him to read you a story. You will see how much the children memorize with strength and detail what you told them the day before and the days before.

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