June 25, 2022

Repetto creates his ballerina for Japan

The world of fashion continues to mobilize for Japan! Soberly white with the red round of the Japanese flag on the heel, the symbol "Solidarity" emphasizing the discreet rectangle ... Repetto creates his special ballerina Japan to help the victims of the disaster of March 11 followed by the nuclear explosion of Fukushima. The iconic ballerina sometimes gives in the special edition (Brigitte Bardot collection, DC Comics) but this charity initiative is particularly notable.

From May 19, the model will be available in stores as well as in Colette and Japan itself. The 165 euros that cost the object will return in full to The Red Cross. The model is in any case very elegant and its sobriety in adequacy with the dramatic circumstances.


La Cendrillon en édition spéciale pour le Japon : Solidarité (June 2022)