April 19, 2024

Rice and pasta, that's enough! Vary your diet, it's possible!

The eternal ones pasta ham do not make you want, you do not know how to accommodate your rice ? What if you change your habits radically ?! There are other cereals or similar that can revolutionize your main course and bring a little novelty and originality.
The quinoa First of all, it is not a cereal, strictly speaking, because it is not part of the family of grasses. It is closer to beets and spinach. There is an ideal red variety to put a little color in your dishes. Its cooking is simple: you put the dose that suits you in a saucepan, you add twice its volume in water and go for a fortnight. It has a peculiarity: its seeds germinate when cooked. For more flavor, you can add a half of bouillon cube or season with homemade curry. It is also a good base for making puddings, patties and tabbouleh.
The millet 
The milletit is a small, round seed with a slightly sweet taste. It is necessary to wash the grains then to brown slightly before adding 2 times their volume in water. It can be used in salads, porridge and puddings or just with a dash of hazelnut oil and fleur de sel. If the quinoa can be bought now in most supermarkets, you will find the bags of millets more easily in organic specialty store.
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