May 29, 2023

Rihanna retro: her sixties bun shooting with Terry Richardson

Whether wigs or explosive colorations, Rihanna never goes round in circles regarding his beauty look. The protean star has a strategy not to tire: never be the same! At the moment when we learn that the singer has tinted blonde for a magazine cover, we discover a picture of her brown hair with blond locks, curled up for a bun sixties, more retro than ever.

A hairstyle oldschool that Rihanna sports for the needs of his clip, directed for the title We Found Love. At the helm, the master of the hype Terry Richardson, who photographed Lady Gaga for the Superbowl in ultra sexy cheerleader or even Lindsay Lohan for a series of photo grazing trash. So much for the latest feats of arms man. An association with Rihanna seems to flow naturally. To follow so to discover the new face of Rihanna in front of his camera. The retro trend with bandana and bun loops is certainly accepted!

Сушка. Сушка тела для девушек. Бешеная сушка (May 2023)