December 1, 2021

Royal Baby: All you need to know about George

After surreptitiously seeing the little boy's boiling Kate Middleton and prince WilliamTuesday night, when they leave the St Mary's Hospital in London, we now know that the son of the princely couple, born on Monday, is named George Alexander Louis.

The news, announced via an official statement from the Kensington Palace, confirmed the last bets of the bookmakers since the first name George was a favorite. So why Kate Middleton and the prince William did they decide to name their child George?

The first name George, an Anglo-Saxon version of the French "Georges", is celebrated on April 23 and finds its origin in the Greek etymology which means "tilling the soil". George is said to be a very sociable, excellent communicator, talkative and independent. A perfect profile for the little boy of Kate Middleton and prince William, which occupies the third place in the order of succession to the throne and could thus be king of England in several years.
Optimistic, cheerful, charming, friendly, curious and creative are the adjectives that would best describe all George. We understand better why the princely couple opted for this first name to the consonance a bit French. By the way, if you look closely, you might think that Kate Middleton and the prince William were influenced by French history and culture, since little George of Cambridge also bears Alexander and Louis as second and third first names. Two others first names relatively common boy in maternity hospitals in France in recent years.

And if little George, son of Kate Middleton and prince William, may well be a model for his British subjects, he will be able to take example on some of George known around the world with George Washington, George Clemenceau, Georges Pompidou, George Marshall, George Patton, George Orwell, as well as George most known for their creative and artistic skills like George Harrison, George Clooney, George Bizet, George Sand or even George Michael! In short, this little man already clearly has a first name star, which only confirms his status as the new darling of the United Kingdom.

Royal baby boy leaves hospital: William and Kate's first public appearance with new son - BBC News (December 2021)