August 2, 2021

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015 - Silver

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015 - Your money!

First trimester
: Finance side, you will be determined not to engage in risky operations, especially if you have been scalded lately! By acting with caution, and seeking the advice of specialists, you will have the opportunity to consolidate slowly but surely your material situation. The best times to trade will be in the second month of the period.
Second trimester : In the material field, it is probably not this time that you will make a fortune. However, if you carefully avoid risky financial transactions, you will not have too many money problems. And then, with Jupiter in a good position in the third month of the period, be on the lookout for exceptional opportunities!
Third trimester : On a material level, you will have to reckon with the restrictive influence of Saturn. Do not incur large fees or duplicate unnecessary expenses. But, if you have to make important financial transactions, your best chances of success will be in the last month of the period.
Fourth trimester : Too much will not be enough for you yet! In short, you will have no desire to look at the state of your bank account, and you will impulsively go to your most expensive addictions. Suffice to say that your material situation may be destabilized if you do not quickly put a stop to your excessive expenses. You could even have serious trouble at the end of the period. That's why it would be wise to right the bar right away and not continue living beyond your means.

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