June 23, 2024

School orientation: decisions to be taken from the 6th

At the dawn of the autumn in 6th, the first choice to make is for the living language 1. Most of the time, parents and teenagers opt for English because of their internationality. But it is not uncommon for some to lean towards German because Germanic classes often have a better reputation.

Whether it is the LV1 or the LV2, the choice of language is not taken lightly. Indeed, once chosen, it is difficult to go back and several years are sometimes necessary before making a change. You hesitate between several languages? Why not learn English or Spanish, known for their ease. If your child wants to be in a more elitist class, choose German as well. And if he prefers a more original learning, why not study Russian or Chinese.

If there is a European section in your child's school, take some time for reflection. Certainly, learning a language intensively is a chance if your teen wants to become a translator or work in international business. However, it also means more job and greater involvement on his part. If he tends to turn his thumbs in class, the return to reality may be difficult.

In addition to the option of choosing an optional option such as Latin or Greek, the 5th is also the moment when the schoolboy is sensitized to orientation through the path of discovery of trades and training. Orientation is also particularly in the spotlight in class of 3th in which the students who wish it can choose the option discovery professional to make better acquainted with the world of the company.

But the most important step in 3th regards the choice of the 2ndia. Is your child moving towards a general or professional education? Anyway, he will have to choose between 2ndia general, 2ndia professional, CAP and BEP.

The discovery path of trades and formations

This discovery course set up in high schools and colleges since the beginning of September, aims to raise awareness of teens in the world of job and to help them find their way. It starts in 5th and ends in terminale, and concerns all students. The young person is first invited to visit, meet and interview professionals. In 4th, he spends a day in a high school or a CFA. Then in 3thhe does an observation internship in a company and goes to shows related to orientation.

To calmly prepare entry in 2ndiathe student, his / her parents and his / her head teacher participate in an individual orientation interview to take stock of the teen's orientation wishes. But it is the class council that will decide whether or not the feasibility of its choices to integrate a scientific, literary, economic and social sector or a more professional way.

Frog Dissection--Sixth Grade (June 2024)