April 17, 2024

Serial-loveuses and then?

"I prefer foraging"

"The plan" I'm looking for the future father of my children ", that's not for me. I am pretty direct

with men, I do not hesitate to approach a boy when he likes me or to slip a word with my phone number. So, I often have a nice kid on my arm ... Always accompanied but rarely for a long time. As soon as I feel that he wants something more regular, more official, I'm running away. I suffered too much from one of the breakups and I do not want to relive that. I prefer foraging because there is no harm in doing good ... » 
> Maud, 29, graphic designer
"I need it to feel beautiful"

« Teenager, I was the "crate", the "tuna", in short the ugly duck that the guys from college and high school did not even calculate. Since then, I have (a lot) changed and discovered my power of seduction and all the doors he can open. So, as much to tell you that I take maximum advantage. I'm catching up, not to say that I'm avenging myself for all those years when I did not exist in the eyes of people. Some people take me for a bitch or worse, whatever ... Me, I know that I need that to feel beautiful and sexy »
> Eleonore, 23 years old
"Accro at the first time"
"I do not link romantic relationships just for the sake of collecting. It's just that I'm totally addicted to that feeling of being kissed or having sex together for the first time, that kind of adrenaline, electric shock that you walk from head to toe. I can not find this incredibly strong thing then, when the couple settles in the daily life. Maybe that explains why, at my age, I'm still not fit ...»
> Lila, 32 years old
"Panic fear of loneliness"

«  Since I was little, I have a panic fear of loneliness. I feel good only surrounded by my bunch of girlfriends. I feel that with them by my side, nothing can happen to me. It's kind of the same with the guys. I can not stand celibacy. I often embark on ephemeral stories with men who do not correspond frankly, all that to be not delivered to myself. It's pretty childish, I know ... But I tell myself that when I meet Prince Charming, the good, the true, I would not need to do that anymore ! »
> Aurélia, 26 years old

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