May 20, 2024

Slimming diet: the advice of the editorial

To succeed your monodiète, follow our advice:

1) Start the day before. Starting the monodiète at night is not only a good accelerator but also the most serene way to get started.
2) Olive oil. On vegetables, raw or cooked, as well as on whole rice, add a little virgin olive oil, first cold pressed, to stimulate the gall bladder (the bile is a true intestinal antiseptic) and bring to the intestines its protective fatty acids.
3) Drink, eliminate. To accelerate the elimination of toxins and the rehabilitation of your digestive system, prepare a draining drink or herbal tea to drink throughout the day.
4) Long live the progression. To prepare the "descent food" you can eliminate, during the few days that preceded your monodiète, the animal proteins and the dairy products.
5) Listen to your desires and needs. At each monodiète, his supporter. Based on hot or cold foods, raw or cooked, you choose. Eat your fill but do not abuse, although in general no limit is given as to the quantity!

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