January 31, 2023

Sodomy: how to take the plunge?

For the majority of men, sodomy, which refers to the practice of anal intercourse, remains the "absolute gift" of the woman who overcomes her pain and apprehensions to fully engage her partner. For others, the act is a game of power and domination, some men finding their enjoyment in the resistance of their partner. It's a matter of clearly distinguishing the cases ...

Sodomy remains a taboo because of its unnatural nature. Accepting sodomy is not natural for a woman. For her, it is about overcoming her fear of pain to please her partner and generally a first experience is painful.

For men, the pleasure of anal penetration comes from the fact that the penis is more tight than in the vagina, which increases pleasure.

Many women wonder about this request when their partner informs them of this request. The question that often comes up is: Is my companion a homosexual who does not know himself? Thesexuality is still considered from the angle of procreation while sodomy does not play a role, it is an act that has no consequences on reproduction, hence the unconscious discomfort of some women, who can live this stage or this passage as a negation of the assets that make them women.

A man who wants to cross this passage is not homosexual. If it becomes obsessive, you must of course worry about it if your man only considers penetration from this angle ...

For a first experience, anal penetration requires a lot of softness from your partner. When practiced in good conditions, the penetration is not painful. The danger in this practice is to hurt the sphincter, which is particularly sensitive. It is necessary to take all the necessary time before the anal penetration which must be done in a progressive way so that the dilation is total.

It's all the usual preliminaries to create an atmosphere conducive to love. You must be completely relaxed and relaxed. The penetration is done with the finger at the beginning, so that it is not too brutal (at the second sexual intercourse with sodomy, barriers will have fallen and you will experience less apprehension at the moment of taking action).

The success of this experiment can not be complete that if you are totally relaxed: the anus is a muscle and if you are tense, the penetration will be more painful. Your partner should also take care to lubricate his penis and the entrance to your anus, to facilitate penetration.

Many of you find it a humiliating practice and degrading but sometimes, some women may discover new sensations and new pleasures they would never have imagined feeling.

Sodomy should not be systematic in intercourse she is purely occasional. Used in high doses, sodomy causes deterioration of the anal sphincter and this can lead to very uncomfortable faecal losses.

After sodomy, it is not recommended to continue your antics with a vaginal penetration, without being both in the bathroom, for all the reasons that you can imagine.
Our advice
For this experience to be successful, it is essential that both partners have mutual consent and mutual trust (and for the more technical aspect, do not forget to use lubricants!).

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