May 28, 2024

Speaking in public: 5 minutes to convince

Body language
Gestures are important to share information, exchange, open to the public. Do not hesitate to use them without abusing them.
To avoid :
Keeping your arms crossed gives a very negative image of withdrawal, as well as gestures that are too directive (fingers pointing) or hands pointing downwards.

The posture
Standing or sitting, it is important to lean forward slightly towards the audience.
To avoid :
The bulging torso or raised chin may reflect a pretentious image.

The look
One often has a tendency to sweep one's audience. A speech is not a game of tennis. It is better to focus on a point or a central person.
To avoid :
A fleeting glance.

He is decisive. You do not have to smile with your mouth, you can also smile with your eyes. Moreover, a quote even says that the more the face is serious, the more the smile is beautiful!

Leave room for his interlocutor is always well seen. Listening can also be done in silence between two sentences.

The repetitions
Repeating a large amount of data or number several times may help to make it easier to remember.

The flow
During a speech, do not hesitate to change pace, take your time for key phrases. On average, a good rate is around 140 words per minute. Breathing helps to improve our flow. "Breathe your text" is also to make it more alive.

The 3 C
The best understood sentences do not exceed 20 words at the most.

Illustrate its purpose
This helps to be better understood. People are emotional and emotional. Information given as part of an anecdote or analogy will be better retained.

Choose simple words
Avoid words that are too technical. Knowing who you are talking to can help you adapt your vocabulary and target your language.

To avoid
Branching activities
Scratching the table with his fingernail, chasing an imaginary dust from his shirt, moving an object ... These little fads are a sign of a lack of self-confidence, of moments of difficulty.

Do not want to say everything
Voltaire said: "We must take the time to make short." Indeed, synthesize what we want to say is very important, the public will be even more attentive.

A voice too high up
The important thing is not to speak loudly, but to keep a constant voice. When you talk too loud, the voice loses its strength.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Martin, founder of the company "Personality" which trains business leaders in communication techniques.
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