June 13, 2024

Stay tanned well after school!

Step 1: get a new look

It is often believed - wrongly - that erasing the skin removes the Sun tanning, on the contrary: it allows to restore brightness to dyed and tan shine by ridding the surface of the skin of dead cells and impurities (the Sun tanninghe is very deep). It is thus necessary to make clear place before proceeding to the continuation. Same for the body. However, we go soft and we choose scrubs and gentle exfoliating care. To be done once a week for the face, 2 for the body.

Paris Exclusive marine peeling, 29,50?
Aromatic Body Scrub with Dead Sea salts, 29?
NutriExtra Vichy Exfoliating Cream, 15?
Sublime® body scrub "new skin" Cinq Mondes, 54?
L'Occitane Ultra Rich face scrub, 19?

Step 2: Repair

Maltreated by the various aggressions that constitute salt water, chlorinated, limestone, the wind or the sun, it is imperative to restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin and to maintain a certain rate of hydration if we want to keep its beautiful Sun tanning the longest time possible. For this, we slice after each shower (morning and evening for dry skin) a moisturizing and nourishing care (in the form of oil, milk, butter ...), both on the body and on the skin. face (light emulsion, serum or jelly not to grease, overload or smother the thin skin of the face).

Facial Aqua Sensation nourishing care fondant Nivea, 9,70?
Nourishing Elixir Body Sothys, 39?
Very Moist Body Lotion Sephora, 10,90?
Nourishing Body Milk Florame, 20.70?
Nourishing care regenerating night A,?

Step 3: get help

To regenerate your skin deeply and thus keep your skin looking good dyed tanned, do not hesitate to use your after-sun care extension Sun tanning until October. Ditto for solar food compliments (and foods rich in beta-carotene) whose use up to 1 month after exposure to the sun can prolong the Sun tanning. For those whose tan already begins to fade, take action before the complete disappearance of your Sun tanning and do not hesitate to apply a tinted day cream or a self-tanning treatment twice a week.

Oenobiol solar intensive, 16.60?
Cream tinted clear skin or matte skin Caudalie, 17?
Melvita carrot oil, 9.90?
Energizing oil with Weleda sea buckthorn, 15,20?
Repair after-sun face care extension of Sun tanning Esthederm, 42?

The institute care and post-sun cure:

Care after summer based on orange pulp at the Aquathermes area (40 minutes, 59?)
11 rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2nd
01 42 33 07 08
www.espace? aquathermes.com

Bamboo, tomato and wheat germ care with an optional self-tanning cream La Biosthétique (45 minutes, 65?)
35 rue Pierre 1er of Serbia, Paris 8th
01 58 05 46 50

Intense Hydratation Ritual to the Payot space (1h / 120?, 1h30 / 145?)
62, rue Pierre Charron, Paris 8th
01 45 61 42 08

Sun Ritual Sunset Decléor (1h30, 89?)

CatioVital Care New Sun Youth Mary Cohr (50-60 minutes, 55-75?)

Intense post solar repair at the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spa (480? / Person, 840? / 2 people, valid from September 1st to October 31st)
Melusine - Thermal Park, 86627 La Roche-Posay
05 49 19 48 00