October 27, 2021

Successful ginger drink

of the drinks refreshing and refreshing:
- The drink the ginger and lemon: take your piece of ginger fresh and pass it in a blender. Then add a liter of water and let macerate for half an hour. Then put the liquid in a bag to remove all the pieces of ginger. To finish add 100 grams of sugar and the equivalent of two lemon juice. And especially mix vigorously before leaving the drink refresh in the fridge for at least an hour.

- The lemonade at ginger : the fresh roots of ginger, lemon, sugar and yeast are the basic ingredients of this mythical recipe in England. The result is more like a low alcohol beer rather than lemonade, to test absolutely!

of the drinks hot for a cocooning party:
- Herbal tea ginger : for tea and tea lovers, did you know that infusing your plants directly into hot water increases the virtues of the latter? Herbal tea ginger is quick and easy to do just brew it ginger in warm water and remove the plant before serving the drink hot. You can also combine it with other plants for even more taste.

- The milk flavored soy ginger: the famous glass of milk warm before sleep can help some of us to find sleep. The milk is unfortunately very often indigestible for our stomachs of adults. It is advisable to replace it with milk of soy. To add flavor, add a little ginger at this milk hot. The latter will help our digestion and reduce possible stomach upset.

of the drinks gourmet for a gourmet snack:
- The smoothie ginger : give a little spice to your traditional smoothie recipes by adding a touch of ginger. Orange, mango, pineapple and a little ginger will form a drink excellent and gourmet for the snack.

- The chocolate scented ginger : a marriage of orgasmic flavors to absolutely try for the addicts to chocolate. Implement a good recipe for chocolate hot at milk homemade and add to chocolate black melted a few small pieces of ginger to flavor the whole while cooking. Remember to remove the pieces of ginger before serving with a bag.

Spicy GINGER DRINK Authentic (3mudru Ghana) (October 2021)