October 27, 2021

Tantrism, another way to access pleasure

Tantrism is a art appeared in India around 500 AD, which means "chain" in Sanskrit. Tantrism is a complex philosophy in which women are considered equal to men. Eroticism is very present in this line of thought which devotes a cult to linga and at the yoni who are the male and female genitals.


Tantrism has a sacred dimensionit is not reduced to sexual practices and in India, it is divided into dozens of currents of thought ...


The great figure of Tantrism is the god Shiva and his wife the goddess Shakti, which means energy. Between them, they symbolize passion, desire and unity with the double polarity man / woman.


Tantrism is an awareness of the fundamental unity of being. With the energy of the body, Tantrism teaches the individual to enter eroticism by freeing himself from all the films and images that one can have in mind. The sexual partner no longer becomes the object of enjoyment but the sexual energy is channeled back to the whole body. TheOrgasm no longer centered on the pelvis but circulates throughout the body.


Tantrism teaches you the art of opening your chakras, the energy centers that are located between the perineum and the fontanelle ... Through various exercises, sometimes very physical, that can look like a gym class, you will be invited to focus on your energy and to communicate it to your partner.


Gradually, the master will invite you to take off your clothes ... Each disciple will be massaged by his partner, sometimes in the simplest device, without any embarrassment to disturb the students. Tantrism teaches you that enjoyment is part of nature, even ifOrgasm and ejaculation are not the goal of discipline.
Our advice
To introduce you to Tantrism, you can start with discovery courses, during which therapists will offer different workshops where each disciple is invited to discover his own body ...


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