May 29, 2020

The advisilller mode of these ladies: Brieuc has the flare!

Every week, Brieuc gives us his fashion tips, for us women. Because we are never as well advised as by a boy (more objective than any best friend), Brieuc raises for you every week the challenge to review our fashion questions.

Question of the week: jeans flare, I crack or not?


She: for this season, I do not know what to do
me: did you see Blair from Gossip Girl?
She: I have nothing to do
me: you're wrong, she has a Flare
She: I suspect she has the flair
me: well you should shut up
She: what does it look like?
me: it's the jeans of the season, flared with patch pockets, raw or faded, it plays revival 70's
She: and will it go me?
me: big yes, and little you will be compensated. Ideal for thin waist and thighs, and bonus if you have nice buttocks
She: I'm not going to look much like Farah Fawcett at Studio 54?
me: it depends. Especially no sneakers or dish. With a silk blouse and lavaliere, you play romantic, with a straw tote, very hippie chic, and a blazer, very Emmanuelle Alt...
convinced by this Flare jeans?
She: I run to buy me a pair!


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