December 11, 2023

The Babyshower will she see the day in France?

What is a babyshower?

Word for word it is about "showering" the future mother with gifts, to spoil her. Organized generally in the third trimester of pregnancy, the babyshower is one of the last privileged moments before the birth where the mother is the center of attentions. Like a bachelor party, it is a question of marking the passage from the status of woman to that of mother.

What are the origins of the Babyshower?

The first celebrations took place in 1800. It was a gathering of women at tea time. It was just after the second world war, at the time of the baby boom, that the babyshower became popular in America. A tradition that has since spread to Europe. In the United Kingdom, it is often organized in the work place of the future mother and at the future grandmother or in the restaurant in Spain.

How is it traditionally done?

Friends, colleagues or family are organizing around 7-8e month of pregnancy this holiday at the home of the future mother or elsewhere (a bar, a restaurant, a friend's house ...). Julia Roberts had decided to do it at a clinic where she had to be bedridden to wait for her twins.
We choose an afternoon to avoid that the mother is too tired. There is a theme (blue, pink, holidays, baby animals) around which we realize decorations, games. On the food side, it's all about regressive recipes: chocolate fondue, carambar cake, and of course the traditional piece made with layers of baby superimposed.

What kind of gift does the future mother receive?

Bottle, rattle, lollipop, diapers ... Recently, stores have been offering Babyshower lists to meet the specific needs of parents. But priority is given to the well-being of the future mother. Professionals can for the occasion move home to do an animation: sophrologist, yoga teacher, photographer or beautician. Very trendy, also offer vouchers for a restaurant, a massage, deliveries.
There will also be a gift for each guest. Jessica Alba had offered a bracelet to wear only after birth.

And in France is it a trendy party?

The Babyshower is not yet in the mornings. The French, who had the opportunity to participate in this event by traveling to the United States, appreciated this moment of kindness and friendliness. But it remains difficult to import this tradition as it knows that in France there are already some rituals such as the birth list or baptism.

Nevertheless little by little, the trend is coming. Lately large shopping centers have organized babyshowers for expectant mothers. More and more event companies are investing in the market. Identical phenomenon to the wedding planer. And then a specialized site was born in September 2005. It provides historical data, party ideas and helps you organize it.
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The craze can it come from the peoples?

It is obvious that the Babyshower acquires day by day its notoriety thanks to peoples. You must have heard about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. You could attend Rachel's Babyshower organized by Monica in Friends or Miranda and Charlotte's in Sex and the city.

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