January 31, 2023

The book to finally remember his multiplication tables

Your child is struggling to remember his multiplication tables? Here is a small book full of colors and tips to finally recite them without problem, and understand what they serve. "The multiplication tables: finally hold them back!" is a small book publishers of Belin, intended for elementary school students and their parentswho are tearing their hair out trying to make them learn the tables.

The author, Eric Buisson Fizellier, is a father of two children 10 and 12 years, one of whom is hyperactive, that is, having trouble concentrating. This father wrote his book knowingly because he has more than 20 years of experience in the transmission of knowledge.

When we know that wrongly learn his multiplication tables can penalize the progress of thechildbetter a good way to achieve this by having fun. This is what this little book with his drawings, his little figures in the shape of numbers that help to remember the multiplications.

The approach of this book is original and is based on the observation of what the children between them: jokes, games, little stories. Each figure is the subject of a funny little scene that allows you to memorize the result of the tables. For example: "Who is 3 cm tall and cooks for 3 minutes?" "It's a boiled 9!"

All these stories were developed with the help of teachers, speech therapists, parents and D'children of course. This pictorial learning method solicits the visual, auditory and gestural memory of children. A relief for parents !


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