August 14, 2022

The boots

The boots accompany a fashion that also displays a wide variety of styles. So do not have existential questions about what can accompany the boots : slim, short skirts, bermudas, wide pants, shorts, fitted dresses ... Add, if you feel like it, the ribbed wool tights for a chic and warm look. The bare leg is featured in magazines for a more rocky look. In winter, it is not ideal.

The height of the heel of your boots must be sliced: either flat or straight (7 cm and more). No in-between.

For the color and shape of your boots, let speak your desires. Nodes, nails, flashy colors, inspiration oxfords, retro, design ... the goal of the game is to show your boots, which are fashion pieces alone!

The boots have only advantages. Already, they lengthen the silhouette, especially if you choose high heels, your leg will be endless! Then they personalize the outfits. They give them an unexpected turn. Finally, they are hot. With pants, you can even put on socks, nobody will know. With our skirts, we curlonne our feet in big tights.

Our advice :
Choose your boots with a strong personality. They give character to the most banal outfit and allow to revisit the wardrobe of last year without having the impression to wear the same thing!

gugudan(구구단) - 'The Boots' Official M/V (August 2022)