January 16, 2022

The click to get out

© J-F Kowalski
"Either I continue and I die, or I stop everything". These are the words that Julie pronounced on her bed, while she was hospitalized in a psychiatric center. A care that proved catastrophic. "For a year, I was a prisoner of a chemical tank, it was horror, I became a real vegetable, and that's when I realized that maybe it was time for I'm doing something to get out of it, I thought, "try it, you never did it." I had never been abstinent outside of infancy. "Julie's dearest wish was then to become normal, ordinary. But for that, he had to learn to live without alcohol. For her, a revolution. "I did not know how to work without it, and I had to agree to not be well from the moment I stopped." At 23, she decided to join an association of former drinkers. She made enriching encounters, found the necessary support for the success of this challenge, made strong friendships and especially knew Louis, her future husband and dad of her children. The path was not easy. But by force of will, she overcame relapses and other pitfalls. For many years, she felt the need to go to meetings every day. It's been 8 years since she did not drink a drop ofalcohol.

The Click - Let's Get Drunk (January 2022)