August 15, 2022

The first name of the day: Georges

Etymology of firstname Georges
The first name George comes from the Greek and means "plow the soil". This first name is carried by about 185,000 people and remains relatively unassigned today. We are honoring Georges on April 23rd.

Roman soldier born in Cappadocia, St. George died a martyr in 303 during the reign of Diocletian. A legend tells that he killed a dragon in the Libyan camp, to save a princess who was going to be sacrificed. Patron of England St. George inspired the cross of Saint George, a reward bestowed on the bravest and the bravest. Subsequently, Georges has repeatedly appeared on the list of first names from the end of the 19th century until 1930. Today in France, this first name remains little attributed and he became a first name classic. In contrast, George is popular in many countries.

Georges is a determined young man. In his professional life Georges is enthusiastic and energetic perseverant. In his personal life he is often very generous and enjoys protecting his family.

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