November 28, 2022

The girl's first name of the day: Plum

Who are they ? What do they like? Children, who wear this first nameare fragile and easily influenced. Their imagination can also play them an ugly trick and cause fears, fears. On the other hand, Plums are creative children.

Women, on the other hand, are charming, feminine, sensitive, intuitive and imaginative. As you get older, Plums remain creative women who want to succeed. Plums need a lot of tenderness. They know how to be emotional and communicative. When they feel misunderstood, they tend to be cautious or suspicious.

Courageous and enterprising, Prunes are sensitive to social success. Side hearts, they are both tender and sensual. They are endearing and hardly resist gifts. Saint Fleur, a 14th century Auvergne nun, is the patron saint of Plum. Did you know ?

Please call me by my true names - Plum village song (lyrics + song meaning) (November 2022)