May 29, 2023

The lipomassage takes the fold on the kilos

The concept
Destocking localized fat, re-carving the silhouette, firming the skin: these are the goals of lipomassage. Presented in the form of 3 different motorized rollers (the roll out for the firmness, the roll in for the thinness, the roll up to carve the skin), it attacks without complex cellulite, the breeches of horse, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms ... in short to all the zones having localized fatty deposits.
The method
The objective thinness Lipomassage is based on 4 essential points. The "lipo photo" during which the practitioner makes a first photographic assessment to evaluate the priority areas to be treated. He then evaluates the depth and type of greasy folds to fight on the patient lying down.
The 3 rollers then go into action and target the area to be treated. Finally, to complete the action of lipomassage, the patient performs muscle contractions through elastic straps placed at the ankles. This technique makes it possible to grasp only the greasy fold and not the muscle.
The results
After 6 sessions, the results should be visible. The skin has a firmer, smoother appearance, your silhouette is more shapely!
A course of 6 sessions, twice a week
Average price of the session: 50?

Lipomassage by Endermologie (May 2023)