May 13, 2021

The mini bag, we crack or not?

A lipstick, a phone, a key, or even a phone (not too big) and that's it! That's all you can store in your mini bag if you fall for the trend of summer 2012: the mini bag ! If red carpet, many are the personalities to have cracked on the minaudiere "book" Olympia the Tan or on the minaudière Bottega Veneta.

We still hesitate ... Pochette, minaudiere and micro bag Admittedly adorable, these pure fashion accessories are losing their primary interest: tidying up our belongings! In any case Emma Roberts do not leave her Luggage Micro Céline.

In the evening, to accessorize a very sober outfit and give a little chic side ... Also if you do not need to lug around with you all your paraphernalia look.

If you consider your bag handy as a second home, against also if you are a follower of bags XXL shopping bag.

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