May 28, 2024

The name of the day: Virginie

Etymology of first name Virginie
The first name Virginia comes from Latin and means "pure, virgin". This first name is carried by about 162,000 people in France and remains unreported. Virginia is celebrated on December 15th.

This first name began to spread in the first centuries of Christendom in reference to the mother of Christ, most often called the Virgin Mary. Virginia was later attributed to the late sixteenth century, when Queen Elizabeth of England decided that the name would be attributed in her honor to the entire region of the Atlantic coast in North America, occupied by the English. It was at this time that Virginia and West Virginia came into being. Some time later, we find St. Virginie who was a Genoese. A rich widow of the 17th century, she devoted her life to helping the poor while raising her two children. She founded several schools and founded the Institute of Sisters of Mont Calvaire. It is really only from the end of the eighteenth, that this first name became popular in France and in the 1980s, he even appeared on the list of first names female. Since, Virginia is less attributed but remains nevertheless widespread and appreciated.

Virginie is a generous and enthusiastic young woman. In her professional life, she likes to analyze the situations that come up to her and knows how to show a great intuition. In her personal life, Virginia is a very pleasant person to live. She is enthusiastic, enjoys pleasure and cares about others.

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