February 22, 2020

The organic fast food of Marc Veyrat

With life at 100 per hour, how do you expect to find the time to eat well? This phrase that we hear regularly annoyed Marc Veyrat who opened his first fast food organic. It's simple, eat fast, ok but eat well! Marc Veyrat took up the challenge. If you do not know the cook yet Marc Veyrat, you will not spend long time next to the character, a real crazy atypical!
The concept of fast food organic :
The cooker Marc Veyrat has just opened its first fast-food organic in Annecy. On the menu, pot-au feu, blanquette tied to cassava, traditional Savoyard tartiflette ... dishes of the region in short all from organic farming. If you go through Annecy, go to the restaurant Cozna Vera. There, you can take to take away or consume on the spot and you can accompany your dish with a glass of wine. It will take between 7 and 15? to eat fast food Cozna Vera. In other words, it is not more expensive than some fast food known and there is no picture!
At the restaurant, or rather at the fast-food restaurant organic of Marc VeyratThe dishes are served in handmade jars and the jars are then consigned. The cook wanted a cooked 100% ecological. Successful bet ! Farewell speed junk food, hello green gastronomy, fast and accessible!
Marc Veyrat, the atypical cracked!
Born in 1950, Marc Veyrat is a great French chef. The man in the hat is passionate about aromatic herbs, roots and other edible mountain wildflowers. His restaurant organiche dreamed of it for a long time, here is his project accomplished and Marc Veyrat do not intend to stop there. He wants to expand his concept of fast food organic all over France. We look forward !

Les fast-food bio : une tendance écologique (February 2020)