April 20, 2024

The Powerpatch anti-aging case, for a young and radiant look

To spend Christmas and winter with peace of mind, so that the excesses of the holidays can not be seen on your eyes, boost your eyes. Nothing better than Powerpatch, a micro-electronic patch entirely dedicated to the youth of the eyes. This new generation patch, created by the company Sybaritic Europe and the Mesoestetic Laboratory, is especially a care anti wrinkle innovative.

This transdermal patch incorporates a battery and a micro-electric system and allows to act in depth, unlike some beauty products that do not exceed the skin barrier.

The process is called lonophoresis. This technique uses a continuous current that makes the skin more receptive to care, by increasing the permeability of the epidermis.

Do not worry, you will not take a discharge, the sensation is the same as with a usual patch, painless, except that the assets penetrate better and it is more effective!

Powerpatch is equipped with a 3-volt battery, perfectly adapted to the skin, and a serum rich in highly concentrated active ingredients, to be deposited just before the application and to activate the battery.

How to use Powerpatch?

1. Before applying the patch, clean and dry the skin thoroughly.
2. Extract the patches from their hermetic pouch.
3. Hold the patch horizontally and apply 8 to 10 drops of serum to the absorbent area (the dark surface of the patch).
4. Apply the patch to the orbital area and let it work for 20 minutes.
5. After 20 minutes have elapsed, carefully remove the patch and discard it.

That's it, your look is immediately smooth, rejuvenated, flawless! Your eyes are revitalized, rested and full of youth. You can offer yourself or this gift box anti wrinkle at Christmas for a youth cure or simply to regenerate and moisturize the contour of your eyes. Also available in an Eye Light box, for an instant sparkle.

Powerpatch anti-aging box, 105? the 10 patches and the 2 sera.
Available in pharmacy, drugstore, perfumery, beauty salons and spas.
Number of readers: 0825 840 830
More information on www.powerpatch.fr

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