May 28, 2024

The right timing to organize a birthday

J-1 month : Determine the day and time of the festivities. Prepare the invitation cards with your child and do not forget to include a plan for parents.
D-15 days Ask your offspring to make a specific list of guests - eight friends are enough - and to re-start those who have not yet responded. For your part, write the list of all the necessary for the decoration, the games, the snack, then direction the supermarket.
J-7 : Long live the decor! Put your children to make paper garlands, they will certainly be happy to help you. Prepare some signs to indicate the path to your home. And grill the hazardous areas or rooms in the apartment where you do not want children to venture.
J-1 : Finish installing the decoration. In the evening, prepare the cake. If you do not have the time, a pound cake, a yogurt cake or a sponge cake will do, and set aside.
D-Day : In the morning, put away all the trinkets and things you hold.

14 hours : Prepare the games and the table for the snack.

15 hours : The children arrive. While they are having fun, go to the kitchen to finish the cake. A frosting, sweets, a nice presentation and voila.

1630 : All toddlers are at the table to blow the candles.

17 hours : The parents come back for their children. You just have to tidy up and look at your son's eyes still full of stars of this day just him.

Birthday Party Planning (May 2024)