August 16, 2022

The shopping moment: the Toy Watch

Toy Watch is the Italian success story of the moment. Created in 2005, It was enough that the first American lady Michelle Obama wears a watch Toy Watch (in purple) so that fashionistas around the world are interested in the brand.

More than a watch, a fashion accessory that comes in a multitude of colors and versions (plastic, rhinestones, ceramic, chrono), there is a Toy Watch for every occasion. The best known, the Polycarbonate Fluo Toy Watch is reminiscent of the Swatch of the 80s. Let's wish Toy Watch the same success as its big brother ...

The ambassadors of Toy Watch

In the wake ofMichelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Leonardo di Caprio ... fashionistas have seized the phenomenon and erected the brand in it of the season. The latest proof is the blogger Capucine Piot who revealed on her twitter that she set her sights on one of these watches so fashion. It remains to know for what model you will crack!

I want it: model from 135? sale at Galeries Lafayettes and the brand's points of sale.

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