October 22, 2021

The Skoda Fabia at the forefront of fashion

Skoda Fabia "mutineer"
 Fairly discreet in France, the brand Skoda decided to feminize a little more the new Fabia very popular with women. Not only thanks to more attractive curves, but also by appealing to fashion designer Stella Cadente. It was part of the idea that one had to dress one's car as one dresses oneself, by surfing on the trends of the moment. The symbol of the designer being the shooting star. She has created ephemeral feminine decors, in the form of stickers, inspired by the world of dreams (the new Renault Twingo can also receive this kind of sticker to personalize her model).

Skoda Fabia "bride"
The decors are available in three colors: glamorous black for the theme "Sportive chic", electric rose for the "Mutine" and golden 80's for the "Bride" with a bunch of shooting stars, a variant of the traditional bouquet of the bride .
Small precision: the set of three sets is included in the price of the Skoda Fabia by Stella Cadente as well as the pose.
The prices of this car range from 13,990 to 16,990? depending on the motorization and the finish.

Well equipped
All this should not make us forget that the Fabia is a car very well equipped not only in terms of the cabin, but also with regard to safety: adjustable seats, leather pack, storage under the seats, air conditioning ... not to mention a generous trunk of 300 liters. It has front and side airbags, ABS and ESP ...
Question "trendy", this vehicle is not left out since it is equipped with a car CD-MP3 and a socket on which you can connect your i-Pod.

Skoda Showroom Video .... Shoot & Edit by Rudranwi Media (October 2021)