April 20, 2024

The ten sentences that horrify singles

1. "Would not you be too demanding? "

Under this seemingly flattering interrogation hides in fact an odious persiflage. In this case, it can be translated as "my poor, if you were not so psychorigid, you'd already be in a relationship for a long time. No wonder no man can stand. In short, we would reap only what we would sow ...
2. "So, finally case? "
To believe that after the weather and the rise in the cost of living, it is the favorite theme of all those around you because it is what always comes to mind every time they see you arrive. So, you're thinking of having your face tattooed "No, still not" to avoid any questions.
3. "When we do not seek love, we find it"
Yes, these are the kinds of things that are much easier to hear than live because after having chained for twenty-six consecutive months of celibacy, we begin to seriously worry. And to wonder if we will not end old girl, with only company, Riri and Fifi, our old tomcats ...
4. "You have to force yourself out, too! "
But you've only been doing this for years, going out ... Nightclubs, trendy bars and even cooking-dating classes, you've tried everything. Now you are exhausted and you only want to stay cocooner at home!
5. "Have you ever tried to analyze why all your relationships fail? "
Yes, you have already thought about it a long time. But as the question often comes from someone whose marriage is a shipwreck, you take it upon yourself not to sway him that indeed you do not have a finger ring, which does not prevent you from tutelage the seventh heaven more often than she ...
6. "I will introduce you to someone you will love"
No, no, no, it is not because you have no one in your life that you will love any male of childbearing age around. The fact that others claim to know in advance who will please you or not makes you downright mad ...
7. "You really have to hurry, if you want children"
Thanks for the kick in the biological clock! Already that you do not stop reading in all the newspapers that fertility decreases from 20 years ... so, that some feel obliged to insist on this physiological reality makes you want to strangle them in their Persian rugs.
8. "At your age, I already had Paul and Léonce"
Just as depressing, your girlfriend / sister / cousin / mother emphasizes that you have already taken a big step back from the "normal" timing of adult life. To which you can reply that she already had, at your age, her panda rings and her ten pounds of excess!
9. "You're lucky, you're free to have fun with men"
Another idea commonly received about the daily life of singles: since they have no "regular" in their lives, they spend their time getting laid in the air every night with different types. So, sometimes yes but often no! Your morning mornings, you live them more frequently with your empty coffee pot than with your superb virile and muscular conquest of the day before.
10. "Would not you be a phobic of commitment? "
The sentence not to pronounce in front of you, knowing that it is not you who are allergic to the commitment but he who seems to be very afraid of you ...

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