May 28, 2024

Tips for finding a baby sitter quickly

Internet is full of babysitting ads but you do not know them. Is this a good plan? How to recognize good opportunities and bad ones?

A babysitter is often recruited by word of mouth. In one neighborhood, the good babysitters are known circles of moms. Circulate the info, ask questions from traders and other moms.

House staff agencies can quickly send a qualified and declared babysitter. Framed, trained, followed in its services by a manager, the babysitter must be serious.

Other moms may also need moments to blow or someone in case of emergency. Organize a network of 2 or 3 moms ready to exchange with you a few hours of babysitting, each your turn.

The family is the best resource for emergency babysitting. Do not hesitate to put them to contribution, even if they force them to accept a payment. This will allow you to solicit them again later without much remorse!

Go out of school. Surely there are mothers who would be happy to round off their end of the month by a few hours of babysitting!

Talk to your concierge. She knows the inhabitants of the building and is the first to whom people looking to perform babysitting hours confide.
Our advice
The younger a child is, the harder it is to trust an unknown babysitter. To choose a babysitter and feel calm with your choice, you need to have access to information about her: who is she and who has she already made this service successful?

Finding a Babysitter for the First Time (May 2024)