May 28, 2024

True / False thinness: White meats are not fat

White meats are not fat: False

While white meats are certainly lighter than other meats, the fat content of each meats differs according to their origin and the pieces chosen. Thus, a roast chicken with skin is richer than a simple cooked chicken breast (195 kcal against 124 kcal). The latter is also twice as caloric as a ground beef steak with 15% fat (124 kcal against 251 kcal).

Poultry and rabbit contain a moderate level of calories (180 kcal / 100g) and lipids (4 to 18g per 100g), while being very high in protein (23 to 30g / 100g). They are therefore true slimming allies, provided of course to remove their skins, mostly full of bad fat, composed in large numbers of saturated fats harmful to the cardiovascular system.

Be careful however, duck and goose are an exception because they are both very fat meats. As part of a food dietary, it is advisable to prefer turkey or guinea fowl. Indeed, these last contain only 135 to 150 kcalories per 100g against 200 kcal per 100g of farmed duck!

If pork is considered a white meat, it ranks among the most fat in its category: a rib in the back is three times fatter than a filet mignon!

Good to know

Despite a limited energy intake, the majority of white meat is quite rich in protein, ensuring a high satiating effect. So you can bet on them and especially on poultry, to help you reach your weight fetish as part of a diet !

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