May 29, 2020

Valentine's Day, the right hairstyle: a hair care to be at the top

All the budget Valentine's Day was spent in a restaurant of madness, a pretty lingerie ornament or a gift to shatter the lover ... However, being beautiful naked will not be enough to spend a good evening: the little one also has the right to put it value. For this, the care option hairstyle exists and the good plan option also, by discovering the good options on the site of good plans beauty and well-being ...

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Relaxation & hairstyle - Space Hairstyle Relaxation Nathalie Moraux (Lyon)
The fact is that this hair care and hairstyle is also done to relax the Valentine, not just sublimate it. Beyond a nice cut and blow dry, take advantage of massage the skull, then the upper back and a mattress massaging from the back to the legs ... To be perfectly arranged!
Good deal Balinea: 25 euros instead of 64 euros.

Deep care Spa hair + blow dry - Ylan Professional (Cannes)
One hour for a shampoo hair care and a blow-dry. If we arrived the dull mop and withered eye, it is likely that this moment hairstyle put things in order. No cut but just all you need for a dreamy hair, nourished, neat and worked!
Good deal Balinea: 29 euros instead of 54 euros.

Brazilian smoothing - Preference (Nanterre)
Let's say Valentine has booked her afternoon in anticipation of the Valentine's Day... She will be able to take advantage of this moment of beauty preparation to offer herself a Brazilian smoothing at Kérastase. This treatment turns all the hair into a shiny and smooth hair mass for an impressive and lasting result. A true metamorphosis to surprise the loved one!
The very very good plan of Balinea: 99 euors instead of 450 euros.


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