April 17, 2024

Vtech: and if your child adopted the Choupinette family

You would not be against it, would you? The group Vtech, the world's number 1 Thu electronic education, presents the newcomers in the family Kidiminiz. In this familyBoth babies are obedient as they follow their mother and walk with her. When hunger seizes these two babies, they follow their baby bottle.

This rabbit mom also knows how to talk, dance, move her ears and her legs. She also reacts to sounds. Just talk to him or clap his hands. The plus: it is equipped with a clock function and will wake up your child every morning.

Finally, your toddler will be able to personalize his face thanks to 27 expressions and play music to the three mini-games.

"My family "Choupinette", which will be adopted from next September, is intended for children aged 4 to 10. Its price is about 30 euros. toys will be on sale in supermarkets, food stores toys and the websites of toys.

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