April 20, 2024

We love it for ... the Beetlejuice Accessorize cover

This summer, vertical stripes come back with great fanfare. The trend is indeed the style Beetlejuice, in reference to the holding of the character of the same name, in the famous film Tim Burton. Remember, he was dressed in a suit with broad white and black stripes. An outfit, certainly, original, but still classic with these two colors easy to coordinate and associate. Black and white are among the trends of this spring-summer 2013.

In writing, it therefore seemed logical to find an accessory that could enter this trend, or even totally inspired by it. And after poking around, we finally unearthed our rare pearl: the Beetljuice cover of the brand Accessorize. Wide white and black stripes, small glamorous golden tie and strap to wear it over the shoulder. This pouch really has everything to please us.

First asset: its practicality. This cover will be worn in the evening, to accompany our classic little black dress and decorate it with a fanciful note, that during a trip between girlfriends, to store our necessary girls (laptop, lipstick and mirror). pocket) while being ultra trendy. Its format is also practical and lightweight. This pouch is not likely to shear your shoulder with each movement. It is not designed to contain a lot of things. Which is, in itself, a good point since it will allow you to take with you only the bare essentials (no need to have a mini hair dryer in your bag when you go on a ride!).

Second advantage: she is trendy. It is undeniable, this pouch will do little effect with your friends and very likely to hit them in the eye. Because it brings together three of the flagship trends of this spring-summer 2013, namely vertical stripes, black and white, and Bettlejuice style. A winning trio that will delight the fashionistas warned.

Third asset: his price. This pouch costs only 39.90 euros. A price in comparison with bags similar, more prestigious brands, certainly, but much more expensive. This will allow you to invest in other models and vary according to your desires, your outfits and your mood.

Only small inconvenience:
this pouch will not fit all our summer outfits. It is indeed to be avoided on a total flashy outfit or total pastel, and will be more suitable for casual chic looks with cigarette pants and small white top, just to stay in the same style and the same color codes.