December 1, 2021

Wednesday cooking with the little ones: the tips before starting

First of all, prepare the place where the children will cook. A small corner of your tidy worktop or on the dining table will do just fine. Of course, depending on the age of your children, cooking tools available will not be the same. Up to 7 years old, use large plastic bowls to mix ingredients. For toddlers, the knives will have a round tip and all potentially cutting objects will be under close supervision.
Prepare well upstream
The ideal is to have a small idea of ​​what you want them to prepare and take out the ingredients and utensils in advance. For the receipts long, see if you can do some in advance, especially for the little ones who will not stay long attentive. Practical tip: have little aprons and clothes that do not fear anything, the kitchen can quickly turn into a workshop painting with flour, chocolate and even eggs or food coloring.
Ready, go
After a little washing of the hands, the children are ready to get their hands dirty. They like to feel empowered so make them count the eggs, weigh the flour and even discover the fractions with the measuring cups for milk or oil. They will be proud to have realized the finishing touches of the preparations as the arrangement of candy on brownie or display of icing sugar on shortbread. Of course, everything related to the oven or cooking fires will be reserved for the older ones but always under your supervision.

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