May 28, 2024

What is yin and yang?

The principle of yin and yang is a complementarity from the psychic, emotional, energetic or spiritual point of view. In the game of cycles (represented by the outer circle, which unites the two forces), white and black each contain a little of the other and are interrelated inextricably. The central line in S forms the fifth circle of the representation (two semicircles).

The universe evolves and renews itself under their antinomic influence. Things and actions are both yin and yang, like breathing, for example, in the same way that a magnet has a negative pole and a positive pole. But yin and yang can change. An outside yang force can become yin inside the body. In yin, which corresponds to femininity, we associate moon, night, receptivity, emptiness, consciousness ... In yang, we attribute masculinity, but also love, sun, day, action, full ...

In Chinese medicine, yang is external and yin is internal. The back is yang and the belly is yin. But the belly becomes yang if we consider it in relation to the head. The bowels are yang as the organs of digestion. Yin organs are those that store the substances that nourish the body. The cells are yin but they are recharged by the external yang. This is how blood circulation is effected: by the bipolarity between yin and yang.

Yin and yang continually transform each other. Summer is transformed into winter, life into death, happiness into misfortune, hot into cold ... In medicine, we can tune yin or yang or otherwise disperse one or the other when they are in excess. An acute illness is yang when a chronic illness is yin. The doctor who practices in the Chinese tradition, bases his treatment according to the needs in massages, acupuncture or herbal medicine.
Our advice:
For our Western mind, Chinese medicine is difficult to apprehend because it sits its system on a way of thinking different from ours. It is not all-powerful as sometimes we would like to believe it but it can offer satisfactory answers when we no longer find them in our medicine.

The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey (May 2024)