June 5, 2020

Which sport to choose to lose weight?

Favor the brisk walk

Julie Ferrez: «If you want to lose weight, a balanced diet and better transit will not be enough. It is important to tone yourself if you want to refine. Organize yourself to walk at least 30 minutes a day but at a fast pace otherwise it will not be effective. In the room sporton a carpet, set the slope to 1% to protect your joints and walk 30 minutes at a rate of 6 km / h on average. "

Measure your heart rate

Julie Ferrez: "In order for your body to draw on its fat reserves, you do not have to exhaust yourself or try to push your limits! You may be out of your session sports with a real stroke of the pump and throw you on sweets at the first opportunity come. This is often what happens after a zumba session! It is unburdened, it's true, but we're hungry when we go out and we're craving some sugars. However, to draw energy in your fat, just walk quickly as I said above. This keeps your heart rate at a rate that burns fat and not sugar. The right rhythm is between 50% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. "

Do a session of abdominals a day


Julie Ferrez: "As with physical activity, it's important to do abs every day for it to be effective. Do two to three sets of twenty busts a day. To properly perform this exercise, remember to breathe well, tuck your belly button as you sit up and lower your shoulders tightly by squeezing your perineum while on the ground. "

Cultivate your mental strength

Julie Ferrez: "If you have confidence in yourself and think positively with the awareness that your new dietary balance is good for you, you will slim down faster. Several studies done by nutritionists have proved it. To lose your weight, you really need to cultivate your mental strength. Yoga or meditation can help you achieve this. "




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