August 2, 2021

White teeth: why are our teeth colored?

Different types of natural coloring
Before even addressing the causes of yellowing teeth, it is important to note that in the face of this phenomenon, we do not all leave with the same advance. Indeed, the natural shade differs in each individual. Some are born with opaque enamel, others with one that will be more translucent. The quality of the pH of our saliva can also have a more or less effective action on the formation or not of the dental plaque which colors our teeth. The cause is therefore primarily genetic. And you can not do anything about it except to call a dentist and treat the cause with tooth whitening, a long and relatively expensive treatment.
Outside factors that play on our smile
The natural hue of our enamel can then be affected by external factors related to our diet and our oral hygiene. Indeed, what makes the beauty of our smile is the ability of enamel to reflect light. The more the latter is clear and healthy and more vivid will be the effect. When it is abraded, the yellowing settles, leftovers on the surface of the tooth of all the food that one consumes in the day and which create mineralized residues (the tartar). Result? The enamel becomes duller and the light is less well reflected.
How to fight against the phenomenon?
No fatality in this case, since practicing a brushing in the rules, it already limits the case. When one knows the state of its enamel and its tendency to produce quickly or not calculus, one can act by limiting the consumption of products which color the teeth. The colored or sweet drinks (coffee, tea, sodas ...) for example, or the tobacco as well as some drugs. Otherwise, we wash ourselves teeth after each consumption to avoid too much deposit on the teeth. Whitening toothpastes with polishing agents are also good allies in removing plaque more effectively.


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