June 5, 2020

Why do French people want to go on a diet?

"Back to school challenge: losing weight": this is the leitmotiv of many French people at this time of year. What are their motivations? And the reasons that push them to want to lose weight? A survey, conducted by Opinion Way for Weight Watchers, among 1056 French women, aged 18 and over, answers these questions. A short overview.

1. To put a little straight skirt: 68% of the women surveyed want to be able to wear clothes they had to put away. Like a little straight skirt, which would highlight their refined silhouette. A centerpiece of dressing, she could not afford because of a few extra pounds.

2. To walk tall in the street: 66% of women surveyed want to be proud of their bodies when walking on the street. They want to be as they are.

3. To lose the pounds taken during the summer: 40% of the women surveyed want to lose the few kilograms taken during their holidays. Between ice creams, waffles and aperitifs with friends, the latter admit indeed have happily enjoyed their summer. At the expense of the scales.

4. To please others: 30% of women surveyed say they are boosted by the eyes of others and even more by their lovers (18% of them). The goal? Stay on top for their man.

5. To annoy their ex: 13% of the women surveyed admit to having some satisfaction in giving regrets to their ex, by displaying a perfect figure. Story to make him angry.

If the French want to lose weight in September, they do not want, however, to deprive themselves. This survey reveals that 50% of French respondents want to cook and eat balanced and gourmet dishes with the family. 18% of them even added that it was essential to continue to enjoy life with their friends.

Eating Like a PARISIAN for 1 MONTH! The French Woman Diet Challenge (June 2020)