October 27, 2021

Would women like to seduce more than men?

Just weeks after its launch, Smartdate.com has already seduced thousands of singles. And unlike other sites of meet, Smartdate records an overwhelming majority of women: 60%!

Consulted on their choices, they say they were seduced by the innovative approach of Smartdate and plebiscite above all:

1.The authenticity of the profiles and the ease of registration. In one click, you create a profile on Smartdate, thanks to the Facebook connection. You choose the information to import from your profile. No need to recreate another one on Smartdate since it is directly connected to your Facebook profile.
Whether on Facebook or Smartdate, women are indeed much more in tune with reality: fewer lies about their personality, more frankness. They treat their reputation in real life as much as their e-reputation.

2.The ability to meet Facebook friends of their friends based on their compatibility criteria. This feature allows to find on the Internet a method of putting in relation as close to the real life as possible.

3.The relevance of the search: the '' Smartsearch '' function allows you to find the people who correspond to you the most. Its search engine was developed on the principle: "those who liked the same profiles as you also liked these types of profiles ...". A modern and social version of compatibility.

4.Lifestream: Smartdate allows you to post a news feed by displaying your own activities on Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, etc. This information gives your contacts a clearer view of your personality, tastes and interests.

5.The wide choice of payment systems: Smartdate offers a whole range of payment systems depending on your activity or your desires: classic subscriptions but especially a credit service "Pay as you go" where you pay only according to your activities on the site.

Smartdate invents social dating
Smartdate is available in 6 languages, with a majority presence in France (50% of total registrations). Before the end of 2010, Smartdate hopes to reach more than one million subscribers but above all to allow thousands of singles to find the soul sister.

"What I like to do in life is to allow friends to findlove Commented Fabrice Le Parc, Founder of Smartdate. " But the dating website such as Meetic, be2 or Match seem to simply ignore the rise of new singles. Today, Facebook and more broadly the social web is an integral part of the lives of users. With Smartdate we reinvent the meet online and propose a new form more in step with reality: the "social dating".

About Fabrice Le Parc - Founder of Smartdate and President
Before becoming a figure of the meet online, Fabrice Le Parc graduated from HEC-Paris in 1999 and has been working for 11 years in the world of the web on products such as Nameplanet or Lycos. In 2003, Fabrice had fun participating in two reality shows on the theme of meet : "Operation Seduction" on M6 and "The Bachelorette" on ABC in the United States. In 2006, Fabrice launched Be2 in France and then in Benelux in 2007. In the space of two years, Be2 became the second dating website in its market with more than 18 million users.

About Smartdate
Founded on January 1, 2010, Smartdate is the first dating website online in total interconnection with Facebook.

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