June 23, 2024

Yves Saint Laurent make-up celebrates its 30th anniversary with a very colorful collection

In 1978, Yves Saint Laurent launched its first line of cosmetics, adapting to makeup what made the success of its clothing collections, such as elegance, colors, and visionary style.
This year, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty offers a collection featuring the favorite themes of the house.

For the 2008 Spring Look line, the first of the year, the label takes the design of a famous greeting card from 1992, and sent by Yves Saint Laurent to his best friends. A very flowery design that evokes love.

The shadows are light, the textures cool, and the use of the applicators is very easy. Side colors, blue and green very soft, and a delicate rose, were chosen. Prices range from 27 to 47 euros.

Website: www.ysl-parfums.com