October 27, 2021

1001 Chocolate and Nutella recipes: tips from Thomas Feller

How did you come up with the idea of ​​writing a book about Nutella and chocolate?
The idea came from the publisher who wanted to write a book on gourmet products that everyone appreciates. The Nutella and the chocolate have imposed themselves. As I say in the introduction: "In our kitchens there are only two products that everyone loves: chocolate and the Nutella. The one who tells you that's wrong, is a liar. Everyone likes it chocolate. I do not know anyone who does not like the chocolate. Some people can do without it, but they like it! The spread Nutellait's worse. If someone tells you he does not like it, it's simple: first, do not believe it, but also, do not trust him! ".

Is Nutella easy to cook?
The Nutella cooks easily. Take the same precautions as when cooking chocolate. While cooling, it becomes hard like wood and by heating it too much, it burns, loses its taste and becomes bitter. That's why, most often, it is melted in a bain-marie or added to chocolate molten.

In your book, you can discover recipes such as chocolate pie, raspberry and balsamic vinegar or chocolate-ginger pie. Are there other amazing alliances with chocolate or Nutella?
Being fatty products, the Nutella and the chocolate well with the acidity present in raspberry or balsamic vinegar, and the pungency that is found in ginger. But we could have done some receipts with passion fruit, limes, blackberries, gooseberries for acid, and pepper or pepper for spiciness. We must look for pairs of tangy-fatty or acid-fatty flavors. The combinations are innumerable. The only limit is the imagination.

White cheese, ricotta ... Do dairy products go well with Nutella?
Dairy products marry wonderfully with the Nutella and the chocolate. These are more or less powerful foods that will bring the taste of Nutella and chocolate without denaturing and even softening it, make it softer, more melting, more smooth on the palate.

What did you discover by doing this book?
I discovered that we could still write several books and the simple fact of answering your questions opened new ways for me to come receipts. Thank you!

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