May 29, 2023

All about sugar

Where does the sugar ?
The sugar or sucrose is only extracted from beet or cane sugar. It is part of the family of so-called simple carbohydrates that bring sweetness to foods.
Why is it essential to consume it?
Carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of our body. During digestion they turn into glucose, which helps to provide energy to brain cells, muscles, liver.
What is the average sugar consumption per person?
Per year, a Frenchman consumes on average 27 kilos of sugar (sucrose). Today our way of eating is different and we use less and less the sugar directly because we favor ready-made products (biscuits, cakes ...).
Photo credit: Cedus
Does sugar make you fat?

To date, no scientific study has established a direct relationship between weight gain and dietary intake. sugars. We can not repeat it enough, it is the imbalance between what we eat and what we spend that is responsible for weight gain. Hence the need to respect a good food hygiene and to have a regular physical activity.
Can we consume sugar during a diet?
Yes, even when you watch your diet, it is advisable to keep a sweet touch in your food. It even seems that it is highly recommended so as not to feel too frustrated and give up his good resolutions very quickly. All of course, to find the right mix.
Can we eat sugar outside meal ?
It is best to consume it over the course of three meal and to taste if you take one. However, if you play sports intensively, you can consume sugar or sweet products outside meal.
How many calories are there in a piece of sugar ?
A piece of sugar 5.9 g (number 4) provides 23.6 Kcalories. A piece of 7.9 g (number 3) 31.6 Kcalories.
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