October 21, 2020

Bachelor's degree: Food to stay on top all day

In times of revisions, do not zap any meal. The body is subjected to a severe test. He needs energy and therefore meal diversified. We forget the pizza and we respect the 4 meal per day.

To attack the day, drink a large glass of water (ideal for hunting toxins), make buttered sandwiches or take a large bowl of cereals with milk and finish with a fruit juice to fill up with vitamins .

At lunch
During the meal, give preference to Pisces fat (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardine) and rapeseed, flax and nut oils. Eat protein with meat, eggs and cheese to feed your working muscles too.
If you do not have time to cook, make a full bread sandwich and finish with a yogurt.

At snack
To give yourself a boost, do not hesitate to take a sweet snack (cereal bars, banana, chocolate bars). You even have the right to confectionery to raise the blood sugar level.

At dinner
The day before the exam, as before a football match, slow sugars such as pasta, rice and potatoes are favored because they contain glucose, the main fuel of the body.
For the dessert, choose what you like the most. The pleasure favors the production of endorphins which will calm the anxiety.

In conclusion, to be in shape, you need to drink water, make a vitamin cure (kiwis, citrus fruits), boost your memory with omega 3 (fish, eggs), fill up with starchy foods (rice, bread) and fight against stress with magnesium (chocolate, green vegetables, cereals).
A food healthy and restorative nights will help you to have the Bac with honors!

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